Country Manager, Facebook Italia

Luca Colombo directs the activities of Facebook on the Italian market, and promotes a strategy aimed at evolving this social network’s mission, at giving people the power to share in the world and make it a more open and connected up place, and to consolidate Facebook as a business tool and support for communicating in an immediate and involving way with consumers and users. The head of a dynamic work team, and highly qualified and involved in support for businesses and users on the territory, Luca is responsible for consolidating the brand in Italy by underlining the opportunities it gives to businesses and for diffusing its value for the country’s system. Luca Colombo entered Facebook in 2010 after a long experience in the field of digital marketing evolved at Microsoft where he covered increasingly responsible posts and acquired various and ever more strategic roles. In 2008 he was nominated consumer and online marketing officer of the Windows and Windows Phone businesses with the aim of developing and amplifying the use of their online services. His passion for technology and new media led him, in 2006, to be nominated marketing director of the consumer and online division, as a support for the growth of such products as Messenger and Hotmail which, with his help, became leaders in Italy. Have on entered Microsoft in 2000, overseeing MSN’s business development, he later became sales director of the Consumer and Onlinecon division, with the important task of setting up and guiding the strategy of Microsoft Advertising, Microsoft Italia’s advertising authority. His professional career began with Mondadori in 1995 as business development manager in the Mondadori Informatica Education division. Luca Colombo graduated in electronic engineering from the Milan Polytechnic. He is married and the father of two children.