Each Prize has a specific jury that will evaluate and select the best proposal for each category. The jury is coordinated by Cristiano Seganfreddo, Founder and Director of the Prize. The juries are composed of entrepreneurs, researchers, institutions, universities, business incubators, the world of finance , venture capitalists, journalists, and experts in innovation.

For the Business Prize, the Associazione Progetto Marzotto has nominated a SELECTION COMMITTEE,  presided over by Emil Abirascid, a journalist and founder of Startupbusiness, which is composed of:

The selection committee judges all the proposed candidates on the basis of the following criteria: team, originality of the product or service, the attractiveness for the reference market and the impact on it, the intentions for using the prize, the business plan, and the presence of a valuable partner.
The selection committee will evaluate and pinpoint the finalist projects which will then be examined by the Jury of the Business Prize..

The Business Prize jury is composed of:

For the From the Idea to the Business Prize, the incubator partners will evaluate all the proposals and will nominate the winner of the seed course which they have made available. The incubator jury consists of:

AlmaCube, Boox, Cesena Lab, Consorzio Arca, Digital Magics, FabriQ, Fondazione Parco Tecnologico Padano – Acceleratore Alimenta, H-Farm, I3P, Impact Hub, Industrio Ventures, JCube, LUISS ENLABS, M31, Nana Bianca, Polihub, Polo Meccatronica, Progetto Manifattura, Seedlab, Talent Garden, Trento Rise, and Vega.

The 22 winners of the courses will compete for a prize to the value of 50.000 Euros which will be assigned during the semifinals by a jury consisting of:

UniCredit jury

Corporate juries

All the prizes will be awarded by the jury whose judgment is incontestable and irrevocable.